Alan Griffiths

Paul is a deep thinker who always adds value to any project he works on - he pulls off the rare trick of being both logical and creative. Unlike many smart people, he does not need to have his ideas to the fore - he does not suffer from "not invented here syndrome". He is excellent at challenging "perceived wisdom" and therefore - given an easy, personable nature - ideal where breakthroughs are required.

Alan Griffiths - Marketing Director Acromas Travel at Acromas (Saga + AA)

Chris Bestley

Paul has been a long-time supporter of IPM education; longer than he has been on the board. He has been a speaker at seminars on briefing and evaluation for the past 10 years and is the founder tutor on our much respected "Strategic Planning in Promotional Marketing" course. He is a clear thinker with a talent for communicating simply. His loyal and longstanding support has been much appreciated.

Chris Bestley - Director of Education at Institute of Promotional Marketing

David Andrew

Paul combines a positive and engaging approach with smart critical logic, as a result he's genuinely great to work with and helped us achieve real and tangible results. The breadth of experience he brought to our engagement across marketing, data and communications meant he was able to add value throughout the process as well as influencing key stakeholders when it came to driving the conclusions home. Highly recommended.

David Andrew, Customer Insight Director, UBM Live Built Environment


Ian Buchanan

Paul Godwin was the right hand man in a creative, marketing agency that was owned by my closest personal friends. Paul and I established a genuine partnership in our working relationship to the benefit of the Shulton organisation. I commend him to any client seeking frank and competent advice on a creative, marketing project.

Ian Buchanan - Recruitment Director and Owner at The Illingworth Partnership Limited

Jo Rzymowska

Paul is a first class Strategic Planner. He has a great understanding of the consumer and brands and is able to translate complex insights into deliverable and powerful communication strategies. He is challenging in a positive way and great to work with.

Jo Rzymowska, Managing Director, Celebrity Cruises Europe

Jon Ashwell

Paul is a skilled manager of people. He understands what makes Creatives tick. A good man to have alongside you in the trenches!

Jon Ashwell - Creative Director Geometry Global (previously Ogilvy Action/141) WPP Team HSBC

Matthew Hooper

Paul is one of the few people I have worked with who combines a keen intellect, an inquisitive mind, and an ability to get to the nub of the issue quickly, develop strategies, and then be able to communicate these with a sense of humour and charm. Data at the best of times can blind but Paul sees the wood from the trees and has helped large corporate clients (EDF Energy, UK Power Networks, Fulham FC, Thistle Hotels and American Airlines etc) with pulling together their customer insights to build robust marketing strategies that have made a huge impact on their businesses. With years of experience, and unafraid to be at the coal face he is a great team player that brings a real skill and talent.

Matthew Hooper - Director at Afinium

Nick Johnson

I have worked with Paul for over 10 years now and I value his forensic insight and highly engaging personality as much now as when we first worked together. He has helped me get to the heart of some key strategic challenges during my time at EDF Energy and UK Power Networks where the need for long term strategic clarity was paramount. In these tough times when proposing any level of marketing expenditure can feel like a tightrope walk I couldn't think of a better person to provide the objective analysis, calm support and clarity of vision required to get the results essential for success.

Nick Johnson - Communications Director at Doosan Power Systems

Nihal Pekbeken

Paul is an excellent planner who has the ability to put things in a way that is easy to understand and digest. You always get a sense that everything and every angle has been explored before making any recommendations so you rest easy in the knowledge that nothing will be missed. Any advise and direction he has provided has always turned out to be the best - what he says and does makes absolute sense. It helps that he is also a genuinely nice guy to be around.

Nihal Pekbeken - VP of Global Marketing & Creative Services at NBC Universal International Networks

Patrick Ryan

I worked with Paul for many years when he was our advertising strategic planning advisor at Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises in UK. He was excellent at distilling down a lot of data and analysis into the key salient points. Paul advised us on our customer insight work and helped us devise a clear roadmap in order that we could achieve our marketing communications strategic objectives in a cost effective manner. Above all was he was fun to work with and was very well respected internally.

Patrick Ryan BBS,FCA - Director of Sales - EMEA and India at Rocky Mountaineer (previously MD Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises)

Paul Ellison

I have come to know Paul well over a period of years as a co-tutor for the IPM "Strategic Planning in Promotional Marketing" course. This is held yearly, and the contribution by Paul to the course is very significant. Feedback from the delegates has been extremely positive and I know that Paul is direct, yet in-depth approach to strategic planning has made a big impact on the learning and takeout by those attending the course.

Paul Ellison - Promotional Planning Director and Owner, GHMC

Paul Willmott

Paul has provided me and my business with excellent professional marketing communications support in a number of key areas. This has included both strategic and tactical support, including new market sector evaluation and sizing, brand proposition and identify development and helping develop new collateral for our bids teams. Paul is a great holistic thinker and has significant knowledge and experience of B2B business and marketing strategy. I have found his professional and personal approach a real asset in helping smooth the way with the executive to get their full buy in.

Paul Willmott - Management Consultant at Network Rail

Rachelle Headland

Paul is one of the best brains I have ever worked with. When I was loaded up with too much information I could rely on Paul to make sense of my thoughts and find a path. He's an essential pitch partner and knows instinctively when work is wrong and will provoke exactly the right conversation to make it right. Paul was a suit once and I think that combination makes him a rare strategic talent and a great business partner and advisor. His commitment to delivering the best work possible is always recognised by clients to the point that meetings would not go ahead if he wasn't there. Client services people should give Paul full access to the client as it is always to the benefit of the client relationship.

Rachelle Headland - Managing Director, Saatchi & Saatchi X

Ray Beedle - Owner, MineTech UK Ltd

"Been working with Paul on and off for many years and will be going back again and again, he always gets quickly to the heart of any issue and possible solutions plus he is great fun to work with."

Ray Beedle - Owner, MineTech UK Ltd

Richard Read

Paul did a fantastic job rebranding Augustine and establishing our marketing plan to fit precisely with our needs and requirements. Not only did he take great care in really listening to us to clearly understand and deliver on the brief, but he also challenged our thinking to draw out the right solution for us. He was instrumental in writing the copy for our new website, which we think hits the spot. Take a look here. We will be engaging with Paul for future marketing projects.

Richard Read - Managing Director Augustine Financial Planning

Roger Jones

Paul Godwin taught me planning principles and brutal simplicity of thought - good lessons in both marketing communications and life. A bloody good bloke."

Roger Jones - Digital Strategy Consultant with Actionable Insight