Training & Workshops


By their very nature, workshops need to be tailored precisely to the needs of each group. Our workshops provide an interactive experience where every delegate gets to participate.


We have found short exercises where individuals work alone, in pairs or small groups and occasionally in large groups to be far more effective than traditional workshops, where only whoever shouts loudest gets heard

Each workshop is always focused on the delivery of real answers to real questions and we work closely with the client in advance of the session to ensure the required outcomes are understood.

Our role doesn't end with this session, we always report back fully to the client at a feedback session with recommendations for further action or implementation.


  • Identifying a clear positioning for your business
  • Developing a brand proposition
  • Identifying and exploiting strategic opportunities
  • Identifying and combatting strategic threats
  • Understanding why service targets are missed and identifying solutions
  • Enhancing our consumer offering
  • Reaching new audiences for our brands workshops