We provide tailored courses, programmes and workshops all structured to help you achieve your own specific business objectives and training needs. We can design courses specifically for you, including tailored exercises and practical work.


Where those skill sets demand specialist training we can provide this through our network of experienced trainers.

What's more, our bespoke training and coaching can be much more cost effective than general courses; more members of your team will receive training and we work with you to ensure the time and the environment suit your people and your business.


  • An Introduction to Promotional Research
  • An Introduction to Strategic Thinking
  • Measuring Campaign Effectiveness
  • Positioning your Brand
  • Basics of Sales Promotion
  • Effective Presentations
  • Writing a Marketing Brief
  • Writing a Creative Brief
  • Marketing Copywriting
  • Strategic Thinking (in collaboration with the IPM)

Paul was the founding tutor on the IPM Strategic Thinking course more than a decade ago and continues to run this annually updated course through the IPM to small groups of Account Directors, Planners and Brand Marketers.

What delegates have said about the IPM Strategic Thinking Course:

The course gave me the opportunity to give some structure to the way that I approach new briefs from clients and to give some order to my strategic thinking.
I am already incorporating the creative brief section into my every day work and am encouraging my team to do the same.
...despite being absolutely drained our delegate was buzzing about the whole thing and the quantum step in terms of planning and presentation.

This course can be booked directly through the IPM or contact PCG for more information by clicking here