Not everything that can be counted counts.  Not everything that counts can be counted.

Godwin Insights is a trusted, independent and experienced market research consultancy. A valued partner to clients in B2C and B2B across, amongst others, the utilities, rail, travel, energy, professional services, leisure and sports industries; we use our expertise and experience to deliver intelligent, tailor-made solutions.

Experts in researching and working with the C-Suite, we provide strategic recommendations that go beyond research, helping our clients to answer their fundamental business challenges. Godwin Insights see all forms of research as a means to an end.

customer research

The reality is each of our clients are looking for insight into one of the big questions.

  • Who is buying something?
  • Why does that someone buy something? Or not?
  • What else is that someone currently buying and why are they buying it?
  • What does that someone really want to buy?
  • What does that someone really need to buy whether they realise it or not?
  • If we build it, will they really come?

And we could replace 'to buy' with 'to contribute' or 'to share' or 'to know'; in each case the principle remains the same. Clients need to know why people do what they do and what can be done to change it - positively.

We specialise in custom research and consultancy for all sizes of business, delivering big, in-depth studies for smaller clients and bespoke specialist insight for larger clients. We use a full range of qualitative and quantitative techniques to undertake both ad hoc and tracking studies across a range of customer, product and service areas.

We also work with our clients on improving customer satisfaction scores and measuring the same.

Research projects have included

  • Data Insight
  • Concept testing
  • Market sizing studies
  • Quantitative studies
  • Focus groups
  • Depth interviews - Phone and Person
  • VoxPops
  • Desk Research
  • Customer satisfaction