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From an initial audit of your current customer communications through to the delivery of a fully costed, cost effective marketing plan we ensure your go to market communications do just what they need to.


This means you talk to the right customers, at the right times, in the right ways for them to choose to buy, enquire, or engage. 


Our Insights and Research and Copywriting services form a critical part of our work with SMEs on marketing their businesses. 

research and insights

Research & Insights

We are highly experienced in B2B and B2C customer focus groups, creative testing, customer surveys and C-Suite interviews.


We can handle all aspects of your research projects, from planning through recruitment to online surveys, focus groups or in market studies and final report and recommendations.


Our research findings are always delivered in a clear, user friendly format with a focus on clear recommendations for decision makers.

We continue to work with major brands and agencies on research and insights projects as an independent service. 

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Whatever your industry, I write words that will create demand for your products or services. Whether you're running a small business, an agency team or a major brand. 


I have written for projects as diverse as direct response ads for Royal Caribbean Cruises and PPP healthcare to websites for Augustine Financial Planning and PIMS-SCA, from short promotional pack copy for Colgate toothpaste and Smirnoff to long corporate reports for Evolution Money and Doosan Power Networks. 

With my background as an Agency Planning Director I insist that any project I am engaged for includes a full briefing. This gives me a full understanding of the specific challenges facing your business and helps ensure any copy I write gives you the results you're after. 


I work well alone, or in partnership with your account team, management team or creative directors. 


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