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A: Actionable Insight Generation

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Have a clear understanding of customers, prospects, staff, and the market.

1.       Your Marketing Plan needs a realistic understanding of your marketplace, where your business sits within it and where it is heading. Understanding realities and perceptions of current customers, prospects, even employees and partners is key. We call this Insight.

2.      The first step is to conduct a full audit of your current marketing communications, everything from your website and emails to brochures, customer documentation and social media.

3.      Next, we quantify the size of the market and identify areas of commercial opportunity for your business. This typically requires a combination of desk research and depth interviews with you, key people in your team, and some key customers.

4.      Finally, we discover how your business, and your brand, is currently perceived by all relevant stakeholders. This means customers (buyers, users, influencers, gatekeepers), employees and competitors.

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