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Bank Holidays: To work or not to work? That is the question.

As a freelancer or one-person business, UK Bank Holidays can present a few challenges.

The decision to work on bank holidays can be a tough one, depending on personal circumstances. With three bank holidays in a short space of time, the pressure is firmly on!

There are some key challenges if you choose to work. The main one I see as potentially missing out on family or friend gatherings. Employed friends and family who are given the day off will want to make the most of it and so invitations can be plenty. However, if your own workload is high, you can resent the day altogether if you aren’t being paid and they are. And that can lead to guilt!

Unpredictable workloads can also make it hard to plan ahead. As a micro-business, work may have built up and the shortened 4 day week can present its own scheduling challenges. The loss of a day doesn’t necessarily hit in the pocket but can add to stress levels.

If you do decide to take the day off, there’s another kind of guilt. Friends or family saying, “Come on, you misery”, can be pretty persuasive. Difficulty in setting boundaries between work and personal life is a constant challenge for the freelancer. And overall, there’s FOMO (fear of missing out) on potential income or projects.

However, we shouldn't forget the advantages of Bank Holidays. It can be a great opportunity to catch up on overdue work with fewer distractions. I personally enjoy working on Bank Holidays with a pot of tea and good music, while taking slightly shorter working hours. Ultimately, the decision is up to each of us. Whatever you choose, remember to enjoy the break and come back refreshed.

Now, what to do about the added Coronation Bank holiday next week and the late May Bank Holiday? Hey, first world choices!



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